Top 10 Movies: 2002


My top 10 movies: 2002

Honorable Mentions:

Insomnia, 8 Mile, Blade II, Bubba Ho-tep, Dog Soldiers, Run Ronnie Run

10. Ying xiong [Hero]

Visually stunning tale about a warrior in feudal China protecting the king by stopping three would-be assassins.

9. Undercover Brother

Surprisingly clever satire with consistent comedy, while it could easily have been a one joke movie. Read more of this post


Top 10 Movies: 2001

Top 10 Movies: 2001

My top 10 movies: 2001

Honorable Mentions:

From Hell, Evolution, Shrek, Spy Game

10. Jeepers Creepers

It’s short and fast paced, has a good villain, and a bold ending. While not a great horror film, it is enjoyable & entertaining.

9. Super Troopers

As irreverent as it is funny, Super Troopers is an infinitely quotable cult-comedy classic. Read more of this post

Top 10 Movies: 2000

Top 10: 2000

My top 10 movies: 2000

Honorable Mentions:

Almost Famous, Crimson Rivers, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Chocolat (Best Pic nominee)

10. Me, Myself, & Irene

Rude, gross, and (most importantly) funny. Typical Farrelly brothers comedy.

9. Pitch Black

Well-made sci-fi survival film with a generic plot (Alien (1979) ripoff). Spacecraft crashes on alien planet, survivors must battle creatures while finding a way to escape. Read more of this post

Worth a Watch: Asia

Part 2 of my Worth a Watch series.

This time I explore modern (post 1988) Asian cinema that I’m familiar with, mostly action/crime films. Asian cinema has a lot more to offer than just martial arts and extreme films (although it’s well-known for them.) I picked 14 standouts from a few different countries.


Hong Kong

Dip Huet Seung Hung [The Killer] (1989) & Lat Sau San Taam [Hard boiled] (1992)

White doves, dual Berettas, and Chow Yun-Fat; do action movies get any better than these? Well no, they don’t. These films are still the gold standard of action choreography, gunplay, and heroic bloodshed. Starting with Ying Hung Boon Sik [A Better Tomorrow] (1986), director John Woo defined a new genre of Asian action movies, one which focuses on stylistic gunplay rather than traditional martial arts. While The Killer is a much stronger film, both thematically and narratively, Hard Boiled is the pinnacle of action cinema. Every subsequent action scene out does the previous, culminating to one of the best single-take sequences ever filmed. Read more of this post

Memento: Confusing people since 2000

Memento (2000)

Every aspect of Memento is a puzzle and a challenge; including the story, characters, and even the DVD box-set. If there was ever a movie that justifies(requires) a second or third visit, this is it. Not that anything becomes any clearer or easier to understand with additional viewings, however that’s part of the films genius. Varying conclusions can be reached depending on what the viewer chooses to believe; which memories are true and which characters are telling the truth. I will attempt to narrow down the possibilities and explain why there is no unanimous, correct conclusion. Read more of this post

Top 15 Unforeseen Movie Deaths

The unexpected character death. It can occasionally be funny, make you sad, or completely change the course of the movie.

Warning: Spoilers & Graphic content


15. Anchorman (2004)

– Brick kills a guy with a trident.

14. The Boondock Saints (1999)

– Rocco accidentally discharges his gun, splattering a cat. Read more of this post

Worth a Watch: France

Part one of a (hopefully) multi-part Worth a Watch series.

Each segment will feature a few movies (some popular, others not) from a specific
country/region that I have seen and enjoyed.


Nikita (1990) & Léon (1994)

1990’s awesomeness, style over substance, and teeming with violence; Luc Besson at his finest. Both are must watches for action fans and for those who think French cinema is all about art and surrealism (& cheese). Nikita spawned a forgettable Hollywood remake starring Bridget Fonda (Point of No Return). Léon features strong performances from Jean Reno, a young Natalie Portman, and a over-the-top (typical) Gary Oldman. Also reaffirms Jean Reno’s status as France’s resident BAMF. Read more of this post