Top 10 Movies: 2002


My top 10 movies: 2002

Honorable Mentions:

Insomnia, 8 Mile, Blade II, Bubba Ho-tep, Dog Soldiers, Run Ronnie Run

10. Ying xiong [Hero]

Visually stunning tale about a warrior in feudal China protecting the king by stopping three would-be assassins.

9. Undercover Brother

Surprisingly clever satire with consistent comedy, while it could easily have been a one joke movie.

8. Le pact des Loups [Brotherhood of the Wolf]

French horror-adventure that maintains a high level of tension although it’s a bit overlong. (previous post)

7. 25th Hour

Also known as the last good movie starring Edward Norton. About a convicted drug dealers last day before beginning a length prison sentence. While there’s not much more to the plot, the character’s development is deep and effective. Also, as with most Spike Lee films, the acting and dialogue are phenomenal.

6. 28 Days Later…

Survival-horror at its finest. With likeable characters surrounded by the terrifying “infected,” it is an edge of your seat thriller start to finish.

5. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Fictional(?) adaptation of tv persona Chuck Barris’ double life as a CIA hitman. George Clooney’s directorial debut.

4. The Bourne Identity

The film that made Matt Damon into an action star and kicked-off an excellent trilogy.

3. Minority Report

Steven Spielberg’s rebound effort after the awful A.I..

2. Mou Gaan Dou [Infernal Affairs]

Intense cat-and-mouse crime drama about loyalty and betrayal. (previous post)

1. Cidade de Deus [City of God]

True story about a boy growing up and surviving in the violent slums of Rio de Janeiro. Dreaming of becoming a photographer, he avoids the gang-lifestyle while documenting it with his camera.

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