Top 10 Movies: 2003


My Top 10 Movies: 2003

Honorable Mentions:

Gothika, Underworld, The Rundown, Haute Tension [High Tension], 21 Grams

10. Once Upon a Time in Mexico

The only thing preventing it from being a great movie is its convoluted plot. However, it has a great cast and elaborate action making it a worthy followup to Desperado.

9. Ong-Bak

New(ish) take on the martial-arts genre; no wires & no sfx. While the story is lacking, the bone-crunching action is superb from start to finish. (previous post)

8. Kill Bill v1

The action, violence, and visual style are typical Tarantino. The only part that’s lacking is his trademark dialogue.

7. Hulk

Great visuals, strong acting, and an extensive story. Just not what audiences were expecting in a superhero action film.

6. Finding Nemo

Has all the components of a good animated film; stunning visuals, stellar voice-acting, and comedy for both children and adults.

5. Bad Santa

An average comedy saved by an unbelievable performance by Billy Bob Thorton. Couldn’t imagine anyone else playing his role more effectively or naturally.

4. Good Bye Lenin!

A unique, quirky comedy/drama with a little romance mixed in. Difficult film to categorize, other than its outstanding and original.

3. Salinui Chueok [Memories of Murder]

Surprising South Korean film based on a real-life serial killer investigation in 1986. Perfectly balanced blend of dark humor and somberness, never straying too far in either direction. (previous post)
*Note: 2 dropkicks in one trailer

2. De zaak Alzheimer [The Memory of a Killer]

This is the kind of action-thriller that the US market never seems to get right. It is suspenseful and entertaining without relying too much on the action or violence. Focusing more on the characters’ motives and psyche along with the ethical/moral situations they find themselves in.

1. Matchstick Men

The prime example of what an effective con movie can be if handled correctly. Too often, similar films are overindulgent in approach and heavyhanded in execution. (previous post)


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