Top 10 Movies: 2005

My Top 10 Movies: 2005

Honorable Mentions:

Joyeux Noel, Tom Yum Goong [The Protector], Wedding Crashers, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Descent

10. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Quirky space comedy with good performances by Sam Rockwell and Mos Def.

9. Serenity

“Firefly’s” transition to the big screen is seamless. All the characters and charm from the show are present with the addition of the always excellent Chiwetel Ejiofor. Also works well as stand alone film, entertaining even for those not familiar with the series.

8. Sin City

Visually stunning adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel. Although it is a bit overrated. (IMDB-#95?, above Fargo, Cool Hand Luke & Bicycle Thieves!)

7. A History of Violence

The first film to showcase Viggo Mortensen’s leading man capability. Also the first of his collaborations with David Cronenberg.
(Eastern Promises(2007) & A Dangerous Method(2011))

6. Batman Begins

The much-needed reboot to the Batman franchise. Abandoning the campiness of the previous editions, implementing instead a darker, grittier focus. The casting is also stellar throughout, with the exception of Katie Holmes (obviously).

5. Syriana

A smart, politically driven thriller about the middle-east oil industry. Motives of greed, revenge, and sorrow interconnect and lead to a chaotic conclusion.

4. The 40 Year Old Virgin

The 1st, and best, of the Apatow-directed films. An excellent raunchy comedy that only falters by transitioning to a by-the-numbers rom-com towards the end. Steve Carrell, Seth Rogen, and especially Paul Rudd are hilarious throughout.

3. V for Vendetta

Thought provoking thriller about future Britain ruled by a totalitarian government.

2. The Proposition

Uncompromising western set in the Australian Outback. Immensely intriguing and features some of the best acting and cinematography I’ve seen in recent years.

1. Munich

One of Spielberg’s most underrated films is also one of his best. Robbed of the Oscar for best picture by the awful Crash.


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