5 Actors who have lost their way

Acting is a very difficult profession for one to stay atop of and impossible to maintain a 100% record of success. Even the best produce the occasional flop or string of mediocre films; few have the ability to bounce back. Here are 5 ‘good’ actors in need of a reboot to kick-start their stalled, wayward careers.

Mark Wahlberg

Best Roles: Boogie Nights (1997), Three Kings (1999), The Departed (2006)

Upcoming: The Fighter (2010)

I’m actually kind of surprised he doesn’t get more flack for his very poor good:shitty film ratio. Although, he does deserve credit for rebounding his career after having starred in a string of flops; ‘The Perfect Storm’, ‘Planet of the Apes’, and ‘Rockstar’ all in succession. He’ll try it again with ‘The Fighter’ in 2010, this time attempting to recover from ‘Shooter’, ‘The Happening’, and ‘Max Payne’. Yikes.

Halle Berry

Best Roles: Monster’s Ball (2001) . . . The X-Men Trilogy (2000-2006) . . . ???

Upcoming: Frankie & Alice (2009) . . . *not yet released

Was it a one hit wonder with ‘Monster’s Ball’? She has had great success with the ‘X-Men’ films, but not much elsewhere. ‘Swordfish’ was an utter mess (topless seen aside), ‘Catwoman’ and ‘Perfect Stranger’ bombed hard, and ‘Die Another Day’ flat-lined the Bond franchise. I still believe her (deserved) Oscar win was a one-time fluke and her upcoming projects do not appear to offer anything to the contrary.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Best Roles: Boyz n the Hood (1991), Jerry Maguire (1996)

Upcoming: Red Tails (2010), Sacrifice (2011); Sadly, a film co-starring Christian Slater. (Ouch)

Gooding Jr. as 'Radio'

Has any actor fallen from atop the summit faster and harder? He went from unmerited Oscar winner (Edward Norton should have won) to playing a ‘Radio’. His first comeback attempt failed with ‘American Gangster’, hopefully ‘Red Tails’ will succeed in reigniting his career. (Probably not) His noteworthy films between 2001 and 2007: ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Rat Race’, ‘Snow Dogs’, ‘Boat Trip’, ‘Radio’, and ‘Norbit’.

Natalie Portman

Best Roles: The Professional (1994), Garden State (2004), Closer (2004), V for Vendetta (2005)

Upcoming: Your Highness (2011)

Although I hate to put her on this list as she’s one of my favorite actresses, but it’s been five years since her last really good movie and performance. That is way too long for someone of her talent level and ability. Since 2005, her credits include ‘Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium’, a kids film, and ‘The Other Boyleyn Girl’, which flopped. However, her upcoming comedy ‘Your Highness’ looks very promising. Teaming up with Zooey Deschanel, James Franco, Danny McBride (also writer), and directed by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express), all the pieces are in place for a great comedy.

Edward Norton

Best Roles: Primal Fear (1996), American History X (1998), Fight Club (1999), 25th Hour (2002)

Upcoming: Stone (2010)

Although the quality of his performances hasn’t dropped, his choice of projects and roles has. Starting with ‘The Italian Job’ onward, his filmography has been polarized; either big-budget Hollywood or small-time Indie, while his best films have previously been somewhere in between. But my major gripe is his disheartened choice of roles; none of them have been complex or interesting like in his earlier works. I will forever be fascinated by Derek Vinyard, Monty Brogan, and “the Narrator.” Not so much with his Bruce Banner or whoever he played in ‘Pride and Glory’. Once considered one of the most promising actors of his generation, he is now in need of a late career defining performance.

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I'm Steve. 24 year old recent college grad. My love of films (and sheer boredom) lead me to begin this blog. My taste in movies is eclectic, although I tend to lean toward foreign and non-mainstream cinema. Feel free to contact me at: sebastianhaff@ymail.com

5 Responses to 5 Actors who have lost their way

  1. ianthecool says:

    Cuba Gooding Jr. is pretty much the poster boy for how to ruin your promising career. Who is his agent??

  2. Craig says:

    I will agree with pretty much everything, apart from referring to Shooter with Mark Wahlberg as another disaster – that was a great movie!!

  3. Dominik says:

    Cuba Gooding Jr’s best performance came in 1999. “Chill Factor” was the name of the masterpiece. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NXMDa9QaHw

  4. CMrok93 says:

    Cuba is bound for a comeback. I know it, just wait and give him a shot.

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