20 Best Acting Performances of the 2000s

Narrowing down a decades worth of performances to a meager 20 was difficult and tedious. Many good performances had to be left off for sake of keeping the list short.

Here are my 20 favorite performances of the 2000s, in no particular order. Clips/trailers included.


Daniel Day-Lewis – There Will Be Blood (2007)

Daniel Plainview: A (severely) misanthropic and greedy oil tycoon.

“There are times when I look at people and I see nothing worth liking.”

Why: Simply amazing; the best acting performance I have ever seen, full of earnestness and obsession. Regardless of what’s occurring on-screen, Day-Lewis demands your attention and commands your respect.

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Movie Review: Memories of Murder (2003)

Memories of Murder [Salinui Chueok] (2003)

Based on the real-life series of murders which occurred in South Korea, Memories of Murder is a fictional account of the investigations proceedings. Although suspenseful and sometimes creepy, it is not a slasher or horror movie. The serial killer takes second-stage to the detectives and their many struggles; including a lack of proper training, incompetence, and infighting. Director Joon-ho Bong continually changes the films tone throughout by masterfully intertwining offbeat, dark comedy with the grisly murders. This unorthodox injection of humor within such a morose story is remarkably effective without ever appearing forced or inappropriate. He also does well in avoiding prevalent serial killer movie clichés; like creating convoluted explanations for the killer’s action and having the killer send messages to taunt the police. Read more of this post

10 Great Performances by children

Natalie Portman

Mathilda – The Professional (1994)

Age: 13

  • Excellent portrayal of a troubled girl whose maturity is well beyond her years.

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10 Best ‘Pure’ Action Movies

10 Best ‘Pure’ Action Movies

These are my ten favorite action movies of all-time. Not much more needs to be said, the trailers speak for themselves.

*Note: Regarding the title, the word ‘pure’ is interchangeable with ‘mindless,’ ‘dumb,’ ‘awesome,’ and ‘sexy.’

10) Fulltime Killer [Chuen jik sat sau] (2001)

Chinese hit man Lok Tok-Wah (Andy Lau) tries to over take Japan’s O (Takashi Sorimachi) as the #1 assassin in Asia.

  • Johnnie To has taken over Hong Kong action since John Woo went Hollywood.

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Shutter Island (2010) review

Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island is the fourth collaboration between Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese and although it’s not their best film together (The Departed), it is a very powerful and absorbing thriller. With a constantly twisting and turning story, nothing is what it appears to be, taking the audience along for a dark and wild ride. While the films premise is relatively simple, its journey and conclusion are anything but straightforward. Read more of this post