Top 10 Zombie Movies

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought some horror related film lists would be appropriate. Beginning with my personal favorite, zombie movies. Clips/trailers included.

Zombie criteria: Must be actual living dead, reanimated corpses. No living viruses (28 Days Later…), demonic possessions (Evil Dead Trilogy), and no voodoo/spells (White Zombie, Weekend at Bernie’s 2). Just to be clear.

*Warning: Some clips/trailers are unedited; full of gore & all the good stuff.


10. Planet Terror (2007)

The watchable half of the Grindhouse double-feature, complete with Robert Rodriguez’s trademark action scenes and an all-star cast.

Iconic Scene: Rose McGowen’s assault with a machine gun leg.

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Top 10 Movies: 2004

My Top 10 Movies: 2004

Honorable Mentions:

Nochnoy Dozor [Night Watch], Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Dai Si Gin [Breaking New], Gegen die Wand [Head-On], Kung-Fu Hustle, The Machinist

10. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Stupid story, funny characters, with some great cameo’s.

9. Dawn of the Dead

If you refrain from comparing it to Romero’s classic, it is actually a great zombie film. Here the “fast” zombies take center stage, rather than the characters. Genuinely scary and moves at an incredible pace.

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