10 More Great Movie Twists

As a supplement to my previous article, Top 10 Movie Twists, here are 10 More Great Movie Twists that are guaranteed to shock, awe, and possibly irritate you.

Obviously contains SPOILERS


Fight Club (1999) – “I know this, because Tyler knows this.”

The Narrator (Edward Norton) and Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) are the same person.

– One of the most spoiled twist endings. I knew about it well before I had seen the movie, removing any potential surprise or intrigue.

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Top 10 Movies: 2007

Top 10: 2007

Honorable Mentions:

Ratatouille, Michael Clayton, The Simpsons Movie, 3:10 to Yuma, Planet Terror

10. Superbad

Very funny and often hilarious, no other movie better expresses the typical mindset of teenage boys.

9. Le Vie en Rose

Bio-pic capturing the life of singer Édith Piaf. Wonderful portrayal by Marion Cotillard, fully deserving of her Academy Award win. Read more of this post