Top 10 Hitman Movies

Hitman Criteria: Story must focus on a working contract killer at least in part. No former assassin, revenge driven stories (Bourne Series, Kill Bill), no serial killers, and no movies with only minor hitman characters (Layer Cake).


10) Collateral (2004)

Fairly clever take on the genre with an assassin using a taxi driver to shuttle him for target to target. One of Tom Cruise’s better recent film adventures.

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20 Best Acting Performances of the 2000s

Narrowing down a decades worth of performances to a meager 20 was difficult and tedious. Many good performances had to be left off for sake of keeping the list short.

Here are my 20 favorite performances of the 2000s, in no particular order. Clips/trailers included.


Daniel Day-Lewis – There Will Be Blood (2007)

Daniel Plainview: A (severely) misanthropic and greedy oil tycoon.

“There are times when I look at people and I see nothing worth liking.”

Why: Simply amazing; the best acting performance I have ever seen, full of earnestness and obsession. Regardless of what’s occurring on-screen, Day-Lewis demands your attention and commands your respect.

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Top 10 Movies: 2003


My Top 10 Movies: 2003

Honorable Mentions:

Gothika, Underworld, The Rundown, Haute Tension [High Tension], 21 Grams

10. Once Upon a Time in Mexico

The only thing preventing it from being a great movie is its convoluted plot. However, it has a great cast and elaborate action making it a worthy followup to Desperado.

9. Ong-Bak

New(ish) take on the martial-arts genre; no wires & no sfx. While the story is lacking, the bone-crunching action is superb from start to finish. (previous post) Read more of this post