10 More Great Movie Twists

As a supplement to my previous article, Top 10 Movie Twists, here are 10 More Great Movie Twists that are guaranteed to shock, awe, and possibly irritate you.

Obviously contains SPOILERS


Fight Club (1999) – “I know this, because Tyler knows this.”

The Narrator (Edward Norton) and Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) are the same person.

– One of the most spoiled twist endings. I knew about it well before I had seen the movie, removing any potential surprise or intrigue.

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Memento: Confusing people since 2000

Memento (2000)

Every aspect of Memento is a puzzle and a challenge; including the story, characters, and even the DVD box-set. If there was ever a movie that justifies(requires) a second or third visit, this is it. Not that anything becomes any clearer or easier to understand with additional viewings, however that’s part of the films genius. Varying conclusions can be reached depending on what the viewer chooses to believe; which memories are true and which characters are telling the truth. I will attempt to narrow down the possibilities and explain why there is no unanimous, correct conclusion. Read more of this post

Top 10 Movie Twists

Movie plot twists can accomplish many things from shocking the viewer, to advancing the plot, or ruining the film entirely (thank you M. Night Shyamalan). An effective twist, one that is unforeseen and doesn’t cheapen the experience, can lift a movie from mediocrity and keep the audience guessing.

Here are some of the best movie twists:

Obviously contains  SPOILERS

*UPDATE* For more, check out:   10 More Great Movie Twists


10. American Psycho (2000) –  Not a Gary Busy bio-pic

Was it real?

– The audience is left to question where the murders occurred; in reality or Patrick Bateman’s head. It’s a daring, enigmatic type of ending that usually fails when attempted. Regardless of which end theory is believed, neither takes anything away from the buildup, which is excellent.

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