Top 10 Hitman Movies

Hitman Criteria: Story must focus on a working contract killer at least in part. No former assassin, revenge driven stories (Bourne Series, Kill Bill), no serial killers, and no movies with only minor hitman characters (Layer Cake).


10) Collateral (2004)

Fairly clever take on the genre with an assassin using a taxi driver to shuttle him for target to target. One of Tom Cruise’s better recent film adventures.

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Worth a Watch: Asia

Part 2 of my Worth a Watch series.

This time I explore modern (post 1988) Asian cinema that I’m familiar with, mostly action/crime films. Asian cinema has a lot more to offer than just martial arts and extreme films (although it’s well-known for them.) I picked 14 standouts from a few different countries.


Hong Kong

Dip Huet Seung Hung [The Killer] (1989) & Lat Sau San Taam [Hard boiled] (1992)

White doves, dual Berettas, and Chow Yun-Fat; do action movies get any better than these? Well no, they don’t. These films are still the gold standard of action choreography, gunplay, and heroic bloodshed. Starting with Ying Hung Boon Sik [A Better Tomorrow] (1986), director John Woo defined a new genre of Asian action movies, one which focuses on stylistic gunplay rather than traditional martial arts. While The Killer is a much stronger film, both thematically and narratively, Hard Boiled is the pinnacle of action cinema. Every subsequent action scene out does the previous, culminating to one of the best single-take sequences ever filmed. Read more of this post