Top 10 Werewolf Movies

It was fairly difficult to create this list of 10 werewolf movies as there’s only a relatively small selection to choose from. Compared to vampire and zombie films, werewolves occupy only a tiny niche in the horror genre. 1981 was a vintage year, with 3 films making the list from that year.

Werewolf Criteria: Must be a horror film with werewolves as the main focus. No split monster genres (Underworld, Monster Squad), no non-horror films (Teen Wolf, Abbott & Costello), and no shitty films (Twilight), regardless of popularity.


10. The Company of Wolves (1984)

A nighmarish-fantasy film on the list for only one reason: it contains the most disgusting werewolf transformations which begin with the cursed grotesquely peeling away their own skin. *Shown in trailer.

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The Wolfman (2010) review

The Wolfman (2010)

The first question I ask myself when watching a remake/reboot is “what’s the purpose?” Does it approach the story in a way different than the original, improve any glaring faults or shortcomings, or change the setting to something more modern? Unfortunately The Wolfman not only accomplishes none of these, it’s also devoid of the original’s excellent atmosphere and suspense. Instead, adding only an obscene amount of gore and disappointingly mediocre CGI/makeup (considering its $85M budget). Read more of this post